2011 spring-summer exhibition

We would like to inform you about 2011 spring-summer exhibition for Rawtus. The collections are ”New Goat Leather” and jersey released in Paris the other day.  They center on lady’s products but men’s products are also prepared though they are not many.   ”New Goat Leather which is thin and
light as fabric and the both sides are grain-side-specification” created by us is the product that was highly appreciated at the exhibition in Paris.  We hope you all touch and see them in this opportunity.  Also, you can find the style of Rawtus 2011spring & summer in the Collection page on the website,
Rawtus2011S/S collection“We look forward to your attendance to the exhibition.
Our company participates in the exhibition in Japan. If you are interested in our products and consider purchase, please come to the exhibition. Because heavy congestion is anticipated at the exhibition, we would like you to inform us of your date and time when you can visit our booth by fax or e-mail in advance.  We will arrange an interpreter and secure place for the meeting so we can discuss a good business with you.  Thank you and best regards,