The original leather 【New Goat Leather】as our company brand is developed by our company’s unique technology and it is in the process of the patent application at present. For that reason, we absolutely prohibit to manufacture and sell any leathers as similar or imitative to our company products and any clothing that are made by using our company’s leathers.

 For the third party who manufactures and sells any similar, imitated, and copied leather/original leather and clothing in connection with the relevant patent application, we warn the party for “Compensation claim right” after the laid-open patent application.

(Please note that we will claim for the amount of royalty retroactive to the time of this warning notification when the patent in the process at present actually is registered.)

 In addition, 【RAW+】and【RAWTUS】as our company brands have already been registered for the trademark registration. Therefore, we would like to advise not to use those logos without our company’s permission. 


To sellers (distributors)

For the manufacturers and domestic sellers (distributors) of those counterfeit products, our company is now considering of the legal action to seek for applying “Injunction (Article 36 in Trademark Act)”, “Claim for compensation (Article 38 in Trademark Act)”, and “Criminal punishment for trademark infringement (Article 78 & 37 in Trademark Act)”. We would like to ask for your cooperation not to distribute and sell those products in Japan and overseas.



当ブランドのオリジナルレザー【New Goat Leather】は当社独自の技術とアイディアで開発された皮革を使用して作られる製品であり、特許申請済となっております。